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Our Overlook Family

One of the most wonderful things about breeding dogs are the people I've met over these many years. My puppies have gone to the most wonderful homes and I am privildiged to call many of these familes friends. An Overlook website wouldn't be complete without pictures and stories from these friends and what their Overlook dogs mean

to them.

Dexter & Duncan Schwartzberg

(Hubbell x Sophie) (Squire x Sloane)

Dexter and Duncan have contributed more to our family than we ever could have dreamed.  They have enhanced our lives in so very many ways:  daily hikes, happy greetings, endless snuggles and unconditional love.  Anyone who questions a dog's ability to feel emotions or loyalty has never met a golden.  They are truly the heart and soul of our family - we all love coming home to see them.  Thank you, Bob, for the great responsibility you bear of bringing these wonderful creatures into so many lives.


- Nicole Schwartzberg

George Dolan

(Collin x Scout)


George, just 10 years old, is the love of our life and now lives on Amelia Island in Florida. George spent the first six years of his life in Sharon, Connecticut and when he decided to come to Florida, he brought us with him. We have all  acclimated well to living at the beach. but George has a healthy respect for the ocean and chooses to run along its edge rather then going in for a swim. Our walks at the beach, especially when there are crowds, are exceedingly long as George is convinced that every dog and human he encounters are there to be greeted by him. He was born for adulation! He is very healthy and happy and his personality is infectious; everyone loves George!

We are exceedingly happy we found Overlook Kennel and took Bob Swanson's' advice in choosing a male golden after a series of females!


-Jeanne & Jack Dolan

Bode Uhry

(Sutton x Sloane)


I spent many months researching a golden retriever breeder who was responsible, kind, and bred in humane conditions. Overlook went beyond my expectations. As I pulled up the long driveway for my first visit, to the bucolic setting, I knew in my heart that this was the place. Warm, friendly, and filled with happy, healthy dogs, with lots of room to run. I had no doubt!


I am so thrilled with my puppy (now 3) that I got from Overlook. He is a part of the family now, and every day he brings so much joy wherever he goes.  He is funny (makes the cutest expressions). He is gentle, and sweet, and knows exactly the moments I need a cuddle.  He loves running around with pretty much ever dog he meets. Hiking with him, and long walks are his favorite. 


What I love is the community that Overlook has created, with such care in keeping in touch, with all his dogs owners, and always open to any questions! There is no doubt, Bob cares deeply for every dog he breeds!


-Kate Uhry

Cricket, Piper, Rory, Zoe Anderson

(Gabriel x Safari) (Squire x Safari) (Sundance x Sage) (Sutton x Stormy)


I can't say enough about my dogs.  They are the center of our universe.  They are pure love.  They make us smile everyday.  Fill our lives with happiness.  There is not a day that goes by that Zoe does not make us laugh.  Piper is the protector.  She is a guardian angel for us all.  Cricket is so very much missed but always with us in spirit.  Rory is Kristie's love and center of her universe.  The two are bounded together forever.  Can't thank you enough for bringing all our wonderful dogs into this life for us.  They truly are all a blessing. Can't imagine life without them.  They are all so much a part of us in every way.


- Jan & Peter Anderson


Rylan Small

(Sutton x Sloane)

I know we think we all got the best dog in the great is that? Really is a testament to the forethought of the breeding process, the loving care you give to all your dogs and their new offspring  and your philosophy of what makes a healthy, beautiful companion dog for each family to cherish.  

Rylan is our 3rd Golden Retriever-and she is the SWEETEST girl ever.  We laugh because in almost 3 years she hash’t done anything “bad” . She hasn’t chewed up anything, doesn’t beg and seems to be “respectful” of us in a delightful and endearing way.  Her gentle nose nudges us awake each morning.  I am the early riser, so I feel the tip of her nose on mine-with a bit of a push :)-"hey Mom, get up.”  We hug and have our morning kisses before we go downstairs and end up right in front of the dog dish. Mealtimes are always such an exciting 15 seconds-how do they even taste it??????

We are very active and enjoy hiking, long walks, swimming and snowshoeing with Rylan.  She is a terrific companion and behaves beautifully in all these different environments.  I think this is one of the aspects of Rylan Barry and I enjoy the most-she has such a calm yet extroverted personality that we can bring her everywhere and she is enjoyed by all. We also do a lot of yoga.  Rylan does “downward dog” on command.  Trying to do push ups with her nearby is hysterical because first she nuzzles you, then she wiggles that sleek body right underneath you!  Oh yeah, we call her our “super model” Golden as she is so long and lean.  The vets always praise her body composition. She is poetry in motion running full speed on the beach chasing birds.  This year she discovered she could try to follow dolphins in the water-we quickly discouraged that!!!!

Rylan really enjoys having “body contact”.  If one or both of us is lying on the ground watching TV or reading, Rylan will place her body right alongside us with as much skin touching as she can muster.  It feels like love.  

Ryaln has a great vocabulary-yes, we are empty nesters so we talk to her constantly!!!!!!  It is great fun to ask her, “where’s Daddy ?” and she will run down to Barry’s study to find him, or call out, “who wants to go for a walk?” and get a moose call in response!!!!!  Rylan has a moose voice she uses when she is excited-hard to believe it comes out of her compact body-always makes people laugh.  

Rylan is pure joy and enriches our lives every day.  When we saw the newborn puppies for the first time, each marked with a dot of a different color, Barry and I fell in love with the ‘pink” one.  She was the one who kissed me as I cuddled her and Barry loved how her tail never stopped wagging with happiness and curiosity. Rylan(Miss Pink) makes our lives better each day and we are grateful to you at Overlook for breeding such incredible dogs.  

-Laurie & Barry Small

Zoe Robinson

(Squire x Sloane)


I do not know where to start on how Zoe has changed our lives. First of all she is the only other girl besides myself in the house of four boys( one being my husband) . She is treated like the princess that she is. We joke that she is almost human to us because we love her so much. She has softened all of our hearts , especially our boys who know  they can't be rough with her. They lay down with her on the floor or she jumps on the couch and will lay across their Laps. She is afraid of paper bags and wind but it's so cute to watch. She is always alwAys there for anyone of us. It's like she knows who to go to if someone is sick or sad. I know that sounds crazy because she is a dog , but she is way more than that . I got sick a few years back and had to stay in bed a lot and during the day after dropping kids off if go back up to my bed. Zoe would come back up with me. It always made me happy to know she was there. Now I'm better and we can spend time more productively . Like taking long walks. She is truly our best friend. We cannot imagine what our life would be had we not gotten your name and met Bob. We are so fortunate to be part of the overlook family. Thank you for breeding such amazing dogs.

- The Robinson Family

Skyler Goldsmith

(Sundance x Summer)

Meet Overlook Skyler's Heaven Sent "Skyler". Our amazing 9 year old golden who loves life. I don't think we have laughed so much in our lifetimes as we have over the past 9 years with Skyler. Every day brings a new adventure and another story to tell. Another name that always comes up in our home is Bob Swanson. He is an amazing golden retriever breeder who cares about each and every golden he has given to a family and rides the journey with you for as long as you need him. Thank you Bob Swanson for our precious boy Skyler.


- Terri & Richard Goldsmith

Wilson Miller

(Squire x Sloane)


I can hardly believe that it has been 7 years since we took that beautiful ball of fluff home. Wilson is a joyful, wonderful, wonderful dog. He is known all over town, he is the best looking Golden around. "Hi Wilson, Hi Wilson" is not unusual to hear. Most of the people I don't even know.  On our annual visit to the vet he greets us with, "Hello Wilson, you handsome dog."  A few times while examining him he shakes his head in approval, you just know that he is not a pet shop Golden is music to my ears and yours.

He loves riding in the car, picking Aidan up from school in the SUV or riding in my son's classic Pontiac. People will stop, stare and point.  My son thinks they are looking at his car but I know better.  All eyes are on Wilson will his ears flapping in the wind, People don't smile at cars.

I always see goldens in the water, not Wilson. He does not like the beach at all, he is afraid of the waves. One of the things he LOVES doing is running as fast as he can, followed  by diving and rolling over 10 times in grass, mud and if we are not careful goose droppings.  His walk is cut short if that happens.

Aiidan was only a year old when Wilson came into our lives, they remain as close as ever. There is something special about a boy and his dog.

He is an all around perfect dog, we owe it all to you.


- Ann Miller

Angus Mckhann

(Squire x Sloane)


Angus begins his day at 6:30am. with a walk to Edgerton park where he has a great romp off the leash with lots of other canine friends.  While the dogs chase each other all over the grass and jump in and out of the fountain, the owners stroll along the paths and chat.  He’s a therapy dog at the Yale Law School, and when he’s on duty, students come and talk to him in the periodical room and play games with him - all for the purpose of reducing their stress levels.  This is the perfect job for Angus since he has a wonderful temperament, loves everyone and has lots of energy.

Angus’s other community activity is to be part of the Canine Cognition Study at Yale.  They are trying to discover what dogs actually know.  Once a month he takes part in various tests:  where’s the cookie hidden, for example.  He loves both this activity and making everyone feel better at the law school.  He’s full of enthusiasm and, being a golden retriever, can never get enough attention.


- Rhona Mckhann

Teagan Winkler

(Keagan x Sarah)


Teagan is an Overlook dog, one generation removed! Her father is Keagan, pick of the litter from my Max x Sloane litter. Keagan lives with Paula Heiser of Glenbogle Goldens and has become an incredible stud dog producing the most beautiful dogs. Paula bred the litter that produced Teagan.


I so love her. I waited over a year for her and she was worth the wait. There were only three in the litter and two survived. I had first pick for a female. Thank goodness I didn't know how I was going to pick just one!! So she picked me. We still celebrate Teagan and her brothers birthdays every year.


She has done all the puppy classes, rally classes, obedience, agility, clicker training, shaping and now we are working on Pam Dennisons  whistle recall.  We are starting nosework too. No competition yet, but maybe we will try in agility. She loves agility.
I will say “Teagan listen to me”, and she will come from where she is and LOOKS me in the eye and listens. lol

We worked really hard to earn our TDI- Therapy Dog International.  Her first therapy visit was not what we expected. My Mom had a stroke a month after earning her certificate. So I was busy running back and forth to hospital and then nursing home. We brought Teagan just as a “pet”. But, everyone loved her and she wanted to go visit everyone. Mom has limited use of her left side, especially her hand. Teagan comes to say Hi and purposely goes to her left side and nuzzles under her bad hand to make her use it!! Smart?!

Teagan loves to do things-- everything. She can do all the normal sit  stay down leave it, stand, settle . She can “lay down, then I ask her to put her head down, and she does. At less than a year we were working on “Say your prayers” Now I tell her, its time for bed, and she will go to a chair, sit in front of chair  put her front paws up, and then puts her head down on her paws until I say “Amen”. My next thing is to have her cover her eyes with her paws..
She sits pretty, plays dead, shake, both paws, gives high five, touch, takes a bow, rings the potty bells, and talks to me, not barking but little soft sounding growls. She does “soldier” -  we have her sit and place a little dog bone on her nose she will sit still - or is supposed to - sit until I say "soldier" and she flips it and catches it!

 She goes hiking, swimming, plays Frisbee, ball. I ask her if she wants to eat and she shakes her head, don't know how this started but… I ask her if she wants to go for a walk and she shakes her head. Now to make sure she really understands this, my hubby will feed her, and I will ask her Teagan you want to eat? and she wont shake her head. She “spins” for her dinner. Now she thinks if she stands in the kitchen and shakes her head near the treat jar she will get one. lol.

I once was at a puppy class and she was so focused, and extremely food motivated she was glued to my side paying attentton and I heard someone in class say “show off!”  lol!! It is so much fun to teach a trick and to have the dog “get it” and actually be able to do it right away.
So thank you to Paula  and you for your wonderful breeding.


- Cathy Winkler

Keagan Heiser

(Max x Sierra)


I knew from the moment I brought Keagan home that he was the dog that I was going to love too much.  He is my heart dog and best friend.  He has sired many, many fabulous puppies and has passed on his looks and exemplary temperament.  Keagan had attained many Obedience and Therapy titles before he was even two years old.  He was so laid back as a pup that he slept through Puppy Kindergarten amongst all the other wildly misbehaving puppies.   Thank you Bob for entrusting me with this calm, smart, funny boy.  One of the funniest things about my dear bird dog is that he is afraid of feathers!  If he comes upon one unexpectedly, Watch out!  He will  leap all four feet off the ground or veer sharply out of the way.  Then as I am laughing so hard I am crying he gives me an embarrassed grin and cries along with me.  Such a goof!


- Paula Heiser, Glenbogle Goldens

Cally Anderson

(Sutton x Stormy)


Scallywag, aka Cally, came into our family last fall and energized my family of 5, 6, and 35 year old boys after the loss of our beloved golden the previous spring.  She is fun loving, social, and could not love the outdoors more.  She is a friend to each of my boys and a constant source of laughter for all with her silly antics.  She spent the summer with us and her grandparents at the beach and became another grandchild for them as well.  She loves walking, hiking, playing but has not learned much about swimming yet.  She plays at my boys' school after I drop them off in the morning with her dog friends and the boys when they finish school.  She does not enjoy dressing up in costume but sometimes allows the boys to pose her for pictures anyway.  She is always ready for a cuddle and is my shadow.  I hope you are as lucky as we are to have experienced the love of an Overlook Golden.


-Leanne & Gary Anderson

Jasper Unruh

(Squire x Sloane)



I grew up with Goldens, but never had my own, until Jasper.  Jasper is now 7.  He’s as much a part of our family as the 4 humans in our household.  He’s sweet, cuddly and playful; and yes, he also has his moments of being rambunctious or mischievous.  

It’s been so much fun to watch my kids’ relationship with Jasper.  Having a dog is a great way to teach responsibility, empathy and flexibility.  They feed him, bathe him and brush him.  

Jasper comes on frequent hikes with us, has been to the pumpkin patch every year of his life, too many soccer games to count, has weekly outings to the beach and even has come on trips and camping with us.

Recently we “rescued” a dog, to keep Jasper company.  I can’t believe how well they get along.  I feel like we hit the jack-pot.  They romp and play all day long, and my hope is that our new dog will keep Jasper young-at-heart for a long time to come.

Maddie Haney

(Sundance x Sage)


Overlooks the Magic of Madison, CGC, TDI

Maddie has brought so much joy to us since she came home during Christmas, 2008.  She is so wonderfully friendly and happy, and she loves to meet new people and make new friends.  One of her favorite pastimes at home is "hanging around" on a rope swing in the backyard (yes, we brought it to Maine when we moved from Connecticut!).  Chasing squirrels and chipmunks is also a lot of fun, and Maddie can stare up a tree for a long time, waiting for one to slip and fall.  Maddie has been a certified therapy dog with TDI since September 2012 and has brought comfort, love and companionship to everyone from school children to hospital patients to seniors with Alzheimer's.  She is truly magical.


-Karen Haney

Jake O'Neill

(Striker x Skye June 1996 - June 2010)


I'm honored to have been a member of the very first Overlook litter family. I'll never forget the first time I spoke with Bob Swanson by phone. After losing my first Golden puppy at 16 weeks, I was devastated and worse, the grilling I went through calling each breeder trying to get on the approved list was draining. Finally I called Bob. He started asking the typical questions a concerned breeder would ask and then I burst into tears and told him my story.  After a moment of silence, I heard, "you're at the top of my list" and a few weeks later, we met in person and I met his first litter of fluffy little babies.  After selecting "orange boy" the day came to bring him to my CT home. But "yellow boy" had other ideas, and after much debate I went home with "yellow boy" also known as Jake.

Jake quickly became my best friend as I learned how to raise a puppy. We taught each other so many things throughout our 13+ yrs together, most importantly, unconditional love.  He was an amazing dog, with a quirky personality, often stubborn, insisting on being "flat" when it was time to come in the house, and having an uncanny ability to know when a skunk was around and of course, challenging him, always at 2 am. I don't have enough fingers to count how many times he was skunked, nor the amount of times he licked tears from my face exactly when I needed it. He was an avid swimmer, having grown up on Long Island Sound.  As he grew older, I feared he had hearing loss, only to discover it was selective hearing as he heard the fridge open from the other side of the house.

As Jake got older, I wanted him to have a friend, so I adopted Carlsberg, another a golden from a family member. They became fast friends and I knew it was key to keeping him young. He had some health problems later in life and I feared the day would come when I'd have to make that awful decision. But God had other plans as I came home one sunny day to find he had gone over the Bridge on his own, probably to spare me the heartache.   


-Jamie O'Neill


Cayenne Tomassetti

(Twister x Sage)


I think the funniest thing about her that she likes to watch TV and bark at the animals in programs and also in commercials.  She can even recognize cartoons and the UConn husky mascot logo.


-Kim & Tom Tomassetti

Sadie & Sundance Cusimano

(Keagan x Sunday) (Tweed x Sunday)


Overlook Sweet n’ Sexy Sadie Lady was born on November 12, 2011 to Sunday & Keagan. We had just lost our sweet golden Kira weeks before and our love for Sadie carried us through the grief. She became the light of our life. Besides being beautiful, Sadie is smart, talented and lots of fun and some days she is also Miss Independent – typical female!  Sadie started in Puppy Kindergarten when she was 10 weeks old where she demonstrated a talent for learning quickly. She went on to attend Rally and Obedience classes earning her Canine Good Citizen Award. Also at that same time she began her first agility classes and has now progressed to the intermediate level and is demonstrating her readiness to compete.


As if that weren’t enough, Sadie recently become a certified Newtown-Strong Therapy Dog through the Bright and Beautiful program. She attends numerous fun, as well as sad and difficult events where she has always performed stoically and bravely, never failing to make us proud. Of course we could talk about Sadie forever but can’t finish without mentioning Sadie’s ability to swim and dive and her absolute LOVE (it’s her passion) to run  - especially with her siblings. We just can’t imagine life without our Sadie. She is more precious to us than we could ever put into words. Love you Sadie!!


And just when we thought life couldn’t get any better, Overlook Blend of Sun and Skye, aka Sundance, came into our home  - born on July 24, 2013. How lucky were we to welcome into our family not just a gorgeous, handsome boy, but Sadie’s half brother as well!  We call him our “Little Big Boy”  because he is still a puppy but he is on his way to greatness! This wonderful guy wrote the book on sweetness. He is so loving that one of his favorite things is to sit and be petted - for hours. If you stop he will cuff you with his paw to remind you to keep going. It is for this reason that Sundance is now a Therapy-Dog-in-Training. He has been entered into foundation classes for obedience that will prepare him for his up-coming certification. We can only imagine what the future will hold for Sundance - he is so amazing. He has a way of looking at you with the saddest face which, of course, melts your heart and gets him anything he wants. If we had to name Sundance’s favorite thing – it would have to be his love for his sister Sadie. He adores her and becomes quite worried if she is not where he can see her. Sundance is so endearing you just want to hug him forever. We just can’t imagine life without our Sundance. He is more precious to us than we could ever put into words. Love you Sundance!!


-Lorraine & Joe Cusimano

Riley Bartimer

(Sutton x Sloane)


Riley be 3 years old December 1st 2014. She is a fun loving, sweet dog with a strong personality. She brought so much joy to our family of six, several years after our first Golden passed away at 13 years (my first child). She will do anything for a treat. She took one of my daughter's stuffed animals and carries it around in the house.


-Mimi & Larry Bartimer

Daisy Long

(Max x Sloane)


Daisy has been a part of our family for 7yrs. We love her so much and she in return expresses her love for us everyday. Daisy is not your typical dog. She acts more human than canine :-) During the summer she jumps into the pool and climbs onto a raft and just floats….ahhhh ! “life is good”. She happens to be a great communicator, when we walk in the front door she greets us with a burly growl and something in her mouth… usually a shoe. The more we thank her and tell her we like it, the more she growls with joy. Among her many activities, one of her favorites is riding in the car. When I show her my car key, she spins around and around, and like a bullet runs to the car. One day when I was cleaning the car, she decided to sit in the car the whole time…LOL. In addition to her good looks, she is a genius ! In her pile of stuffed toys and balls, if you ask her to bring you a specific stuffed animal, she sifts through her pile and gets it, amazing ! Along with her keen intellect, Daisy is very protective , loyal, and affectionate. Every time our 12yr old son Jack is outside playing basketball, she lies on the grass nearby and watches, waiting for his signal to say “ Come on Daisy, lets go in the house.” While we watch TV, she loves to snuggle close and always wants to play the role of a lap dog; even at a baseball game ! People chuckle when they see a 70lb dog on my lap. There are so many beautiful moments Daisy shares with us. We have been blessed by her spirit and company and thank her with hundreds of kisses everyday. You know she loves that :-)


-Diane & Robbie Long

Beau Bolden

(Tweed x Sunday)


Beau at 15 months has easily won his place in our hearts. He lives with Beebop, an 11 year old golden and Dallas, a six pound papillon who came to visit this summer and never left.

His daily routine consists of walking Sara, my nine year old granddaughter through the woods to school every morning and after dropping her off continuing our walk through town. Upon his return he has a play date with his dog friend next door allowing him to really release some of that puppy energy....then inside for a nap. He returns to school in the afternoon to pick up Sara where he is able to hang out on the playground while the kids, parents and teachers pet him. This is truly one of the high points of his day! During gardening season he spends his afternoons hanging out with me in the garden and chasing and digging for chipmunks.He enjoys walks in the reservation, chasing his ball, and swimming!

Before my Mom passed he spent many afternoons with Beebop in her room lying next to her wheelchair. What company they both were for her!

Everyone is amazed at how calm he is in the house. He often has something in his mouth, carrying around his toys, shoes, clothes or soft pillows. He chews on nothing other than his raw beef bones. He NEVER barks..with the exception of when he took his test to become a therapy dog at a year old. Then I could not get him to stop!!  Much to my dismay he failed the test but the testers assured me that he will be an excellent therapy dog when he matures.

This past summer was the first of hopefully many summers he will spend time at Martha's Vineyard and this fall was the first of many trips he will make to Vermont.

He is a sweet, gentle dog who aims only to please, love and be loved. Oh, f you do not want just about every person you come in contact with stopping you and commenting on what a handsome dog he is -------ALWAYS followed by "WHAT TYPE OF DOG IS HE?" and spending the next few minutes reassuring them that he really is a Golden Retriever, you do not want to get one that is cream. We enjoy it but if you are not interested in conversing with just about every stranger.....stay away from the British line!

- Penny & Frank Bolden

Overlooks Stand-Up Kinda Guy "Sundance"

(Collin x Scout)


Sundance had just begun his show career when he decided he wasn’t championship material.  I knew it was a lost cause every time we were in the ring and he would look at the liver as if it were something evil. This was a huge disappointment to me because he is a beautiful, well-proportioned male and the first OFA  Excellent hips I had ever bred. Sundance is a very gentle soul and a bit on the quiet side. When all the others are barking for their dinner, Sundance would sit quietly without making a sound. When he was 4 years old I made the difficult decision to find a quiet home for him where he wouldn't have to share the attention with so many others.


I found a wonderful home with Donette and Jim Aaby just a few towns away.  Donette writes: Sundance (Sunny) came into our lives when he was 4-1/2 years old and has given my husband, Jim, and me total joy ever since.   He turned ten this past September, loves his walks in Steep Rock here in Washington, CT, his visits as a therapy dog, and just putting a smile on the faces of everyone he meets.     Thank you, Bob, for this perfect dog.


-Donette & Jim Aaby

Sawyer Marcus

(Sutton x Stormy)

This is Sawyer! He was born on July 29, 2013 and lives in Manhattan with his human. Sawyer loves being a city dog, is very street-smart and is completely unfazed by city sounds and smells. The best part about being a city dog is socializing with a variety of human friends of all races, and dog friends of all breeds and sizes in Central Park, with whom he plays daily during off-leash hours. He also loves hiking and swimming for hours in the mountains every weekend! Sawyer is proud to be a certified therapy dog with The Good Dog Foundation, and excels in comforting humans of all ages in New York City hospitals and schools with his sweet and loving temperament, adorable face and goofy antics. He is adored by humans and dogs alike because of his friendly and outgoing personality! His human feels blessed to share the love of such a sweet, loving, athletic and smart dog. Sawyer is simply the most wonderful, multi-talented dog on the planet!

-Sharon Galit Marcus

Quattro Smith

(Squire x Safari April 2004 - January 2014)

I am a flat-out sucker for dogs…any dog…all dogs.  That said, there is one who has a special place in my heart and that is  Quattro, who sadly succumbed to sarcoma earlier this year.  Obviously he possessed outstanding looks but it was his exuberance and sweetness that got under my skin.  When he came into our family, we already had a rather domineering young chocolate labrador with an ultra-alpha personality, so Quattro had a bit of an unusual upbringing, but he rallied just fine.  He grew to be larger but the gentle giant didn’t know his strength….until he decided to test himself against rabbits…when he nearly always won.  He always put up with his older “sister,” maintaining his equanimity and sweetness forever.  His warm loving eyes and paw always seeking attention, an extra pat, are the endearing and enduring memories.

-Mary Smith

Shiloh & Stevie Popowitz

(Hubbell x Sophie) (Racer x Sage)


On June 1st 2007 my first ever Golden Retriever was born.  I had been researching getting a new dog after my last of three had passed and my son who was 9 at the time convinced my husband and I that Goldens were the way to go.  After speaking with Bob and visiting over look we knew we were making the right decision.  We brought Shiloh home at 8 weeks old and she has been a rock star ever since.  In the fall of 2009 we got our second Golden from Overlook.  Stevie Nicks was 2 years old when she became a part of our family.  It took her a little time to adjust and it was my daughter this time who convinced me it was the right move and we HAD to keep her.  After her adjustment time we realized she was right!  Having Shiloh and Stevie have really completed our family.  They are absolutely the BEST!!!!  Thank you Bob for breeding this beautiful kind girls who bring so much to the table.  They are sweet, loyal, happy, playful, sometimes needy and always there for us when we need a little pick me up.  Love my girls!!!


-Randy Popowitz

Indiana "Indie" DiMiceli

(Max x Sloane)


Thanks for the opportunity to share about the greatest thing that has ever happened to me: my dog Indiana.
For the past 8 years, Indie has brought me joy on a daily basis. Each moment is sweeter than the next….
She likes to sleep late in the morning, most of the time upside-down, taking up most of the bed.

She has a ton of energy, eats really well and exercises a lot. She weighs about 68 pounds.

I take her to the dog beach on a regular basis where she runs in the water, but won't swim. She then "dries" herself on the sand - which results in a bath that she doesn't love.

Constantly needs to have a "baby" in her mouth. Every time I walk through the door, she greets me by barking (with a baby in her mouth) and wagging her tail in circles.
Indie doesn't chase squirrels, but will chase cats and chipmunks.

Great with children, but jealous of me petting other dogs or holding children - and forget about it when someone wants to hug me: Indie wiggles herself right in between.
She likes to sit in front of me and stare into my eyes while giving her paw. She also sits beside me and leans across my chest, putting her nose under my chin and stays there for a long time.

Loves the snow – hates the humidity!

Very sweet dog. She is often referred to as “polite” which makes me laugh.


- Jamie DiMiceli

Rigby Gollogly

(Keagan x Sunday)


Rigby is clearly the most popular and loved family member of the Gollogly clan in Ridgefield, CT!  He’s smart, outgoing, affectionate and always looking for another crazy adventure or game to play, especially hide-and-seek.  When Rigby’s not attached to a Gollogly’s hip at home, he can also be found romping in the neighbor’s yard with their goldens; proudly strutting around our Main Street area like a seasoned politician; or hanging with his own fan club at our son’s college lacrosse games.

Rigby has been a godsend for our family and particularly impactful for our Uncle Tom.  Together they recently won ROAR’s Paws For The Cause “Best Trick” award, a wonderful achievement for both!  Life is just too good with our Rigby --- a Gollogly family member that loves every two and four-legged well-wisher and showers kisses on everyone under three feet tall.


- Beth & Neil Gollogly


Bode Lynch

(Sutton x Sierra)


Bode is the firstborn of the January 2010 Sutton x Sierra litter. Bode really had two families for a long time; his brother and litter mate, Crosby, lived next door for 3 ½ years until his family broke our hearts and moved to California. Bode and Crosby spent endless hours wrestling, chasing and lounging, and we all enjoyed having two beautiful goldens in our lives every day. Happily, the brothers were reunited for vacation this summer, which might have actually been more exciting for the humans than the dogs!


Like most firstborns, Bode has a big personality. He is not a fan of walking on the leash for exercise (and lets you know this by walking five feet behind you!). He perks up, however, when people are in sight. When he decides he wants to meet someone, he stands proudly, weight distributed equally among his legs, wags his tail and stares at the person he wants to say hello to; he continues this until the person notices him, and most cannot refuse his overtures!


Like the true Golden he is, Bode's favorite activities are retrieving and swimming. He also loves the “find it” game in which he locates a hidden treat or ball; similar to children and video games, this game can be played almost anywhere and is endlessly entertaining.


Bode is a Canine Good Citizen, and we are hoping to gain Therapy Dog status in the near future, so he can bring as much joy to others as he does to us!


We are forever grateful to Bob Swanson for our beautiful Overlook Golden!

- Evie & Dave Lynch

Saratoga, Sutton & Sundance Berkelhamer

(Jet x Shane) (Sundance x Summer) (Sundance x Safari)

We have been blessed to have 3 Overlook Golden Retrievers.  Our first dog was back in 2000 and we named her Saratoga.  She was absolutely gorgeous and the most incredible retriever.  We would  throw a stick into the woods and she would come out with that exact stick! She was a very self-assured and happy dog.

After Saratoga, we got Sutton, who was 1 at the time.  She is gentle, sweet and never leaves my side.    While she loves to hike with us, she is just as happy snuggling and sleeping!

A year later, we welcomed Sutton’s 1/2 brother.  We named him Sundance after the Sire they have in common.  Sundance is an original.  He just turned 8 on Halloween (2014) and he still acts like a puppy.  He is obsessed with the tennis ball and if one is not available, any old rock will do! When Sundance was a puppy, he would nap on my chest and even today, when he crawls on top of me (all 70 lbs), he will go right to sleep! He is gorgeous and he knows it! He is the center of my life and he knows it!  Sutton and Sundance are so bonded to each other that when they are leashed walk, they have to be touching at all times.


-Ginger & Keith Berkelhamer


Griffin Corrado

(Sutton x Sierra)


What's in a name? We all try and chose a name for our dog based on something meaningful.  It could be a favorite vacation spot, favorite movie character, athlete or even simply a name that really catches our fancy.  Our boy’s name incorporates something very special indeed; the breeder he came from.  His name is an example of the vast amount of love, care and responsibility that Bob puts into the breeding program at Overlook Golden Retrievers.   Unlike most breeders where you pick the puppy on somewhat of a 'first come' basis, Bob conducts a thorough assessment of both the family and the puppy.  By trying to match your family's lifestyle with the puppy's personality, Bob tries to ensure that your new addition will indeed be a treasured member of the family.

For two months we went back and forth on names;  Ben, Mickey, Eli, Denver, even Macaroni.  I was telling a friend about our puppy and comparing Bob’s assessment process to the movie Harry Potter.  Upon a student’s first arrival to Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft, the sorting hat places the students in their appropriate houses based on their strengths and personalities.  For those Potter fans, we all remember when the hat was first placed on Harry’s head and you heard the voice bellow out, “Gryffindor.”    It was that moment when I realized I had the perfect name for our Overlook boy: GRIFFIN!!   Not only is Griffin a perfect fit for our family but his name is a reminder of the amount of effort, love, care and detail that Bob puts into all his pups at Overlook.


-Laura & Dan Corrado



what can i say that hasn’t been said in some way already on this wonderful site. Romeo has been truly a great gift for me and I am so lucky to have him . Dont get me wrong , he is lucky to have me as well !!  The beautiful dogs you breed and the Sutton littler got me “off the fence “ on getting another after losing my 13 year old Bear, who had the sweetest disposition and i thought greatest companion UNTIL Romeo! You never replace a dog and my thoughts were how could i ever replace such a great friend …..BUT life then informs you that you MISS that face that smell and yes , even that hair !!  So i opened my heart and home to another angel and let me tell you , I remember our early conversations and what my wish list was…a BIG HEADED , good natured even a little silly Male ….and boy oh boy did you deliver  !!!  He makes me laugh every day with his acrobatics and personality and like his sister Rylan he is a good boy…never a mistake . He is occasionally chased out of his own backyard by a field mouse or a sparrow which he outweighs by 75 pounds…haha  which i love because he is a BIG baby ;)  And as Laurie and Barry will tell you as their little girl is sprinting down the beach in pursuit of a flock of birds, Romeo is stride for stride just bumping into her.

Romeo Feeney

(Sutton x Sloane)

And as Laurie and Barry will tell you as their little girl is sprinting down the beach in pursuit of a flock of birds, Romeo is stride for stride just bumping into her because SHE is who he is chasing . They are so close that the mere mention of her name has him rushing to every window for hours .
I cant thank you enough for creating these little miracles and i really look forward to seeing those bushy tails held up high and in constant wag mode . We are having a blast and it all started with you guys at Overlook , and i can never thank you enough .


- Brian Feeney

Sophie Kowalewski

(Harry x Sophie)


Sophie came to us in 2008, shortly after we moved to NJ from VA.  We lost our first golden at 7 years old and waited 4 years to get another.   I spent a long time looking for a breeder and was so fortunate to find Overlook Goldens.   Sophie is 6 now and often acts like a puppy, most people expect her to be much younger.

Sophie is a funny girl with a strong personality and lots of energy!  She loves to be with us and especially loves to go for rides in the car and constantly sneaks in. Sophie thinks she is the center of the universe and expects all humans to greet her!   Like most retrievers, she loves her soft toys and will carry multiples of them around in her mouth.  She will greet anyone with toys stuffed in her mouth and what I call her "happy growl"  Some of her other hobbies include counter surfing, dumpster diving, cat chasing and sneaking into my bed when I am not looking!  She is not very good at retrieving, loves to get it but not bring it back. The girls give her lots of attention.  I can't imagine our family without her!  

We are thinking about a brother for Sophie (can't add another female in the house with 3 daughters--my poor husband!) and would love to add another Overlook Golden to our family.  We would love to know of any other Overlook Goldens nearby in NJ!

- The Kowalewski Family

Laura, Dan, Allie, Maddie & Morgan Kowalewski
Long Valley, NJ



Blondie Koch

(Sundance x Summer)

Blondie is a sweet, affectionate girl who'd rather hang out with humans
than dogs, especially if someone is cooking in the kitchen! She's our
fifth Golden Retriever, a grandniece of another wonderful Overlook Golden,
and such a beautiful dog that people often stop to pet her in the street.

Every week she goes to a big dog play group where she is the reigning
Queen. There are some dogs that she only tolerates. Other dogs are
allowed to accompany her on rabbit hunts or twig-eating binges.

At home she likes to press her head onto our knees when we're working,
especially if more than five minutes have passed without one of us paying
her any attention. She and her younger brother, also a Golden, are the
loves of our lives, which is exactly as it should be.


- Wendy & Ken Koch

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