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Our Boys

Girls rule the roost at Overlook, but our boys exemplify everything Golden Retrievers should be: handsome, masculine, well-tempered and overflowing with affection. 

Overlook Sky Over Sutton Place "Sutton"



Sutton is our resident goof ball. He is ball obsessed.  But, not just one ball - at least two and three - if there is a third one to be found. He is faster than lightening and will steal any ball that isn’t deep in another’s jaws.  But, he is also the first to give a ball to his sister, his mother or the puppies. He is a moderate dog with a very pleasing expression and short coupled body that moves without effort.Sutton's wonderful temperament and easy-going approach to the world can be seen in his many offspring.  Sutton has been an incredible producer for Overlook and several other breeders.

Sutton is the longest living Overlook Golden Retriever. At the first of every month we celebrate another birthday. He just celebrated his 16 year and 9 month birthday and we are hopeful for many more.

Overlooks Bright Star in the Skye "Sawyer"



Sawyer follows in his mother's steps with OFA Excellent hips.   Sawyer is a Sutton x Sloane son and exhibits many of the same traits as his father. He has a beautiful headpiece with a soft expression.  He is a moderate boy with the most perfect temperament.  He is the “babysitter” to all the new puppies.  He adores the youngsters and to watch him play with them is a wonder. They can crawl all over him, grab his face and tail and yet he still manages to keep his 70 pounds from hurting them as they play.

Sawyer has sired some wonderful litters with puppies that are as handsome and docile as he is!

Overlooks Blend of Sun & Skye "Sundance"


Sundance and his sister, Summer, were the picks of the litter from my Tweed x Sunday breeding. I kept Sundance until he was 11 months old and then decided to place him because his second testicle never came down. There was never a question of where he would spend the rest of his life; it had to be with Joe and Lorraine Cusimano. They loved Sundance since they first saw him as a five week old puppy and they knew their Sadie would love a playmate. The best part...the Cusimanos live 20 minutes away and I see Sadie and Sundance at least once a week. They are part of the Overlook family.

Of course, a month after I placed Sundance his second testicle descended and he passed all of his clearances! To make him an even more wonderful dog, he passed his certification as a therapy dog and is a member of the Newtown Strong Therapy Dog group. That's my boy!

Overlook's Handsome Honcho Brown "Honcho"


This incredibly handsome boy was the pick of the litter and has lived up to every hope we had for him. In addition to an incredible temperament that resulted in his therapy certification with the Newtown Strong Therapy Dog group, he is a gentle soul with a soft expression that you just want to squeeze! Honcho was raised and trained by the Brown family in Weston, CT and lives a very pampered life with his son, Diego in Maine.

Honcho has sired several litters with wonderful temperaments tghat are everything a Golden Retriever should be.

Overlooks Skye of Sterling Blue "Sterling"


Sterling and his sister Sailor came out of a breeding that took me back to close to where I first started. Squire is the grandfather of these two and his temperament and incredibly handsome features are present in both puppies. Sunday is their dam and the combination of these pedigrees has brought me full circle. I adore these puppies and they never cease to delight and amuse me with their antics. They are the best of friends and take sheer delight in tormenting each other.

Sterling has become a wonderful stud dog, siring puppies that are as handsome, gentle and kind as he is.

Overlooks Diego Brown



Diego was one of eleven puppies born to our Skylar. This litter would be followed by another litter of eleven puppies born to our September just five days later! Yes, we had 22 puppies born within days of each other! A lot of work, but a lot of fun!


In Skylar’s litter, Diego stood out from the pack because he reminded me so much of his Dad, Honcho. He had his sire’s broad head, well balanced body and the sweet personalities of both is sire and dam. Everything we saw at eight weeks has remained true over the years.


Diego lives with Honcho and Nancy & Bucky Brown in Maine. Diego has been a wonderful stud dog, siring a few litters that have produced his looks and temperament. His breeding to Shelby resulted in one of our brightest lights, Miss Stevie and his handsome son, Odie. Odie spends a lot of time with his Dad and Grandad in Maine. He has the life!

Overlooks Sun Skye and Sinclair



Sinclair was one of nine boys in a litter of eleven! I knew there had to be at least one really amazing boy to choose, but there were quite a few which made the selection difficult.  But, Sinclair rose to the top and became the first pick of several people who graded the litter. And what a pick he is!


Sinclair is a very moderate boy with a beautiful headpiece and jet black pigment. He has an incredibly sweet temperament and is very gentle with other dogs and people. He does have a mouth on him and loves to bark when he wants attention. Keeping Sinclair close by keeps him quiet! Like other Overlook boys, he is a goofball that loves to chase a ball and enjoys countless hours of wrestling with his ten year old mother, Schayla (and she always wins!).


Sinclair has sired two litters at Overlook with puppies that reflect his easy going personality and beautiful face. We have high hopes for this boy!

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