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Our Golden Retrievers Have Fun!

The Overlook Dozen Are Growing Up!

Sailor continues to be the most perfect Mom. She is so attentive to these puppies and so very careful when she steps around them as they lay scattered throughout the whelping box. It is a joy watching her take care of them. They are growing so quickly and will be out of their box and into the big-dog room any day now!

The Overlook Dozen Are Here!

On November 24, 2019, Sailor whelped a litter of 12 puppies sired by our Sawyer! Yes, twelve puppies that all arrived safe and sound. We won't discuss the puppy that was born outside at 4:00 am in the pouring rain or the last of the dozen that arrived two hours later when Sailor could barely keep her eyes open. Twelve hours of labor and twelve wonderful puppies! There are five boys and seven girls. They are all spoken for.  

Summer 2015 was Busy at Overlook!

Skylar & September Whelp 11 Puppies Each!


After just one litter of five puppies at Overlook in 2014, Skylar and September changed things in a big way! Skylar whelped 11 puppies on May 16. It was a picture perfect whelping, especially for a first time Mom. She started at 10:00am and was done by 5:00pm. Just in time for a cocktail! My kind of girl! She didn't quite know what to do with the first three puppies, but instinct finally kicked in. There were six boys and five girls and Skylar was a wonderful Mom.


Five days later, September whelped just the opposite: five boys and six girls! Her whelping wasn't as easy and at 2:00am I found myself searching for a vet to perform an emergency c-section. The amazing and always helpful, Dr. Mark Carlson gathered his troops and met me at the Roxbury Animal Clinic at 2:45. One mile from the clinic I heard a cry and knew the first puppy had been born in the back seat. Thank goodness September was an experienced Mom and knew exactly what to do. The c-section went fine and  Mom and the puppies were back home by 8:00am.


Having 22 puppies at one time was an incredibly tiring, fun, crazy and happy time. couldn't resist the opportunity to create videos for their site and planned a shoot when the puppies were 7 weeks old. We had an army of videographers and the happiest volunteers all helping to create magic with 22 Golden Retriever puppies.  I think they did just that!

Overlook's Blue Savannah Skye, "Sahara" Awarded JAM at Specialty!




Strutting her stuff at 10 years of age in the Hudson Valley Golden Retriever Specialty Show, June 2014,, Sahara earned a Judges Award of Merit from the Veteran's Class. This was a very special win for us as Sahara was half way to her championship when she had to be spayed and retired from the ring. Coming back as a Veteran has been the biggest treat for both Sahara and myself.  She loves the ring and all the attention she receives. The applause when the Veterans take the field is something to behold.  Sahara is my "Beauty Queen" and I adore her.

Sahara turned 15 in April 2019! Still going strong, still my Beauty Queen!

Introducing Overlook's A Summer's Skye at Dawn "Sierra"




Sierra is something else. This was a very special breeding that took place in Canada. The sire was a very special dog with a pedigree that was a perfect compliment to my Summer.  There were four girls and five boys and everyone of them was just what I had thought this breeding would produce.

There was one puppy who always caught my eye. When I would dig under the fur to find the collar, it was always Seafoam Green. There were something about the way she looked and the way she carried herself. Little did I know there would also be something about how smart she is and how she has a mind of her own. She can scale an eight foot fence and thinks nothing of running like the wind deep into the woods only to resurface an hour later covered in muck and mud. I'm out-of-my-mind crazy, but she's clearly had a very happy adventure! I love this dog!

Finding My Passion

The folks at found my history with breeding dogs to be interesting enough to produce a short video and put it out to the world. I'm really happy with how it turned out and think it captures my true passion and why I do what I do.


Sukizilla Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You!

Suki Robinson is a beautiful puppy out of my Bode x Sunday litter whelped on January 2, 2015. Suki is sister to seven year old Zoe (Squire x Summer) and the Robinsons are the most perfect Golden Retriever family! Their son, Connor, wrote, filmed and produced this incredible short film which truly captures the bond between a boy and his dog.


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