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Welcome to the new!

If you have found this post, then you've found the totally updated and redesigned home of Overlook Golden Retrievers. This has been a long-term project that caught fire just a few weeks ago. Given that web design is not my forte, the learning curve was huge but not impossible. I enlisted the help of web designer extraordinaire, Carly Shatzkin, and she artistically guided the elements to the site you see before you.

My goal in developing this site was to give visitors an idea of what an Overlook Golden Retriever is all about. Not just looks and pedigree, but the philosophies behind my breeding program and the raising of my dogs. There is almost 30 years of dog experience in my brain and I hope to translate it to the pages of the site and upcoming blog posts.

But, none of that know-how and experience is worth more than the words and pictures from those folks who have been raising an Overlook Golden or two, or three, or four...over the past 20 years. My greatest reward in breeding dogs is the joy they bring to their families. People always ask how am I able to let the puppies go their new homes when they are so cute and adorable? And the answer is always the same: I have watched these families interact with the puppies and they've become family to me. My puppies don't disappear; their new owners share stories and pictures throughout their lives. And of course, everyone loves the annual Overlook Holiday card and I've never forgotten a birthday yet! Be sure to check out the Extended Family page for a world of words and pictures from the Overlook family.

Enjoy the new site and check back often. I have so much more to add, it just takes me a little longer than those millennials raised on computers!

If you have an Overlook Golden and would like to be a part of the site, please don't hesitate to send me some pictures and copy. If your dog is already a part of the Extended Family, keep those pictures and stories coming!

Take care,


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